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  products----Haotong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Model: Lpw-500/16000
Type: Light Pole Welding Machine
Product information:
Light Pole Welding Machine: Lpw-500/16000
Light Pole Welding Machine: Lpw-500/16000 

Light pole seam close-welding machine:LPW-500/16000
This machine is used to welding light pole column after bending. It will close the pole seam and weld the seam automatically.This is one unit machine in whole light pole production line.
The machine  has hydraulic station,welding system,pulling trolley and machine body etc.
Through the hydraulic station,the power will push cyliner.the extension of cyliner will close the 8 sets of clamping wheels by chain to finish closing seam.Same time,the pull trolley will pull the light pole to move forward and welding system to weld seam automatically.
For welding system,there are two welding functions, submerge welding+CO2 protection welding. The user can choose anyone of them and easy to change.
1.Welding diameter:60-500mm
2.Welding length:16000mm as per requests
3.Welding thickness of pole:2.8-6mm
4.Power of pump motor:4KW
5.Power of pulling trolley motor:4KW AC motor with speed adjustable
6.Welding machine:630A with submerge ARC welding+Gas shielded welding functions
7.Welding wire diamater:1.2 mm or 1.6mm as per the thickness of light pole
8. welding speed: 1.1-2m/min
9.Weight of machine:6500Kgs
10.Overall sizes:32000x1900x1950mm

Other models:
PLW-340/12000 (Lenght as per requests)
PLW-500/16000 (Lenght as per requests)

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